SharePoint can cure your Records Management headaches

In recent years, many a workplace has undergone a form of digital transformation. This evolution typically involves an improvement to how an organisation manages its records, documents, content or business processes (e.g. automating manual processes). Whether it is transferring physical documents into a digital format or moving a disorganised format to the Cloud – companies recognise the business imperative to control content effectively. It can be an all-encompassing task that permutates through all areas and departments of the business. However, the management of a company’s records is something that doesn’t have to cause headaches for information managers.

Common headaches information and records managers face with their processes vary from regulation problems through to security and accessibility issues. Unless you have an up to date and reliable system for your records, you’ll forever be facing new headaches.

Luckily SharePoint can be your Records Management friend!

SharePoint is easily overlooked when it comes to records management. It can identify, archive, classify, preserve and destroy records in a sophisticated way – and you may already have access to it too. The records management functionality is ready and waiting for you in SharePoint. It’s very much an ‘out of the box’ product, so all you need to do is start using it! SharePoint comes packaged in with every Office 365 plan, so if you have a subscription, you are ready to go.

Based in the Cloud, it makes collaboration so much easier. However, that’s not to say that it means your records management becomes a free for all when it comes down to access. SharePoint takes permissions seriously, so it’s very easy for you to make sure your records are well-governed as well as secure.

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As experts in SharePoint, we know a thing or two about how to make it work well for you. Every organisation is different and will have different sets of rules to abide by to be compliant with their records management.

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