With decades of experience implementing large-scale insurance transformation programmes (e.g. Guidewire software), Endava recognises the unique and challenging marriage between large IT projects and the business change required to truly enable success.

Endava’s Solution Assurance service is specifically designed to not only ensure the technical oversight and quality protection in an insurance transformation programme, but also provide a crucial involvement in the transformation as a holistic whole. It is imperative for us to fulfil a role that prevents issues, rather than reviewing them and then commenting after the damage has been done. For us, it’s about ‘getting it right first time’.

“Solution Assurance is not just a certified and qualified pair of eyes and ears, shadowing and thoroughly checking all aspects of delivery.” Endava’s Chief Executive Officer, Roy Murphy explained; “But also a very real, on-site presence ensuring the client is protected from delays, costly overruns, conflicts, disputes and a range of other issues. Our participation has often proved essential in the early proactive identification of potential problems, as well as ensuring their escalation and resolution. Prevention is better than cure.”

Digital or business transformation is fraught with operational and financial exposures, especially when implementing new and sometimes unfamiliar technology. “Difficulties or delays in the delivery of technological advancements has a cumulative effect on the whole transformation process.” Added Roy Murphy; “We’ve been in the trenches and have the scars to prove it. Living and breathing the daily challenges of complex transformation programmes as we have, you get to understand how to avoid the pitfalls. We bring this to our clients through our highly experienced and qualified consultants.”

For over 20 years’ Endava has been delivering robust business solutions. We know the significant investment an insurance organisation is likely to make in technology. We also know how very important is to ensure that investment is maximised and functioning as it should.

We have the experience

With our unparalleled experience in delivering Claims and Policy Management Systems, we are regularly invited by vendors and end-users, such as Guidewire, to audit their existing systems and oversee future delivery. Over this time, we have perfected our Solution Assurance methodology to blend seamlessly into the development life cycle.

We perform Solution Assurance projects (applied against Agile best practices) as well as completing technical assurance, project readiness and deployment readiness assessments around the world. Guidewire clients around the world select Endava because:

  • Our Solution assurance testing will continuously uncover functional issues and discrepancies and minimise the cost of fixing bugs
  • We have great expertise in building detailed, exhaustive and realistic test plans ensuring efficiency, quality and value
  • Our experience in building effective cooperation between solution assurance engineers, the development team and the Client is unmatched and fosters excellent quality for the initial version of the software and ensure high user acceptance
  • Our software solution assurance services are available as a part of software development engagements or can be retained as stand-alone.
  • We offer full-cycle solution assurance and application testing
  • Our dedicated SA team can perform infrastructure analysis, develop a test plan, assess automation potential, and define and execute critical test cases

During transformation programmes led by us, we follow various principles and techniques to ensure the highest level of SA. For example:

  • We make use of source control and document management tools to ensure appropriate version control, audit and information sharing across the full project team
  • We ensure design and code reviews are conducted on a regular basis and that coding best practice and SA standards are followed
  • We fully co-operate with Guidewire SA personnel allocated to the account to provide regular health checks on the progress of the project and product implementation (this provides a very comprehensive measurement of all aspects of the project delivery, including the efficiency of meetings, collaboration effectiveness, testing strategy, communication, etc.)  We consistently score ‘excellent’ in these test points
  • We make use of test-driven development practises, including unit and integration tests.
  • We make use of continuous integration practices and automated build processes to validate all tests and code on an incremental basis.  This directly influences the number of defects reported within the testing phases.
  • We only implement code signed off by a design authority against user stories as part of sprint acceptance criteria

We ensure all artefacts progress through the progressive environments (from development –> systems –> user acceptance –> performance –> production

Our Guidewire Partnership

Our partnership with Guidewire allows us to provide core systems implementation experience at a level similar to larger system integrators at a cost-effective price point, while maintaining a sustainable local presence.

We also differentiate ourselves by having a larger Guidewire presence on our projects than other systems integrators and we do this at a lower blended cost model.