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Claims Transformation | Georgina | 13 November 2019

Endava underscores the importance of Solution Assurance in the high-quality delivery of digital and business transformation

Digital and business transformation is inherently challenging for any business. In the highly competitive UK insurance sector, failure is not an option. Endava is proud to be at the forefront of ensuring success for insurance clients by providing its industry leading Solution Assurance service.

Whether a new entrant building towards operational excellence or an established player seeking to expand their market share, many of Endava’s clients face the same transformation dilemma; stay put and risk falling behind or embrace transformation as a vital and essential business strategy.

Transformation, however, brings its own unique set of challenges and potential hazards. Nicky Atkinson, Endava Guidewire Consultant, elaborated; “One of the primary reasons a digital transformation project fails, is that transformation is not just about technology. There are very real human factors which, when overlooked, lead to costly and debilitating change-shock.”

As an industry leading Guidewire partner, Endava is singularly equipped to assist its clients in mitigating the risks associated with digital and business transformation, involving the implementation of Guidewire products.

The delivery of the technology is only part of the story.

After many years’ experience in implementing Guidewire software, Endava recognises the unique and challenging marriage between large-scale IT projects and the business transformation required to truly enable success.

Endava’s Solution Assurance service is specifically designed to not only ensure the technical oversight and quality protection in a Guidewire InsuranceSuite implementation, but also provide a crucial involvement in the transformation as a holistic whole.

“Solution Assurance is not just a certified and qualified pair of eyes and ears, shadowing and thoroughly checking all aspects of delivery.” Endava’s Chief Executive Officer, Roy Murphy explained; “But also a very real, on-site presence ensuring the client is protected from delays, costly overruns, conflicts, disputes and a range of other issues. Our participation has often proved essential in the early proactive identification of potential problems, as well as ensuring their escalation and resolution.”

Digital or business transformation is fraught with operational and financial exposures, especially when implementing new and sometimes unfamiliar technology. “Difficulties or delays in the delivery of technological advancements has a culminative effect on the whole transformation process.” Added Roy Murphy; “We’ve been in the trenches and have the scars to prove it. Living and breathing the daily challenges of complex transformation programmes as we have, you get to understand how to avoid the pitfalls. We bring this to our clients through our highly experienced and qualified consultants.”

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