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Support for India: Oxygen for India

News and opinion | Don Campbell | 8 June 2021

India is battling hard against COVID-19. It is a fight that seems insurmountable and one that needs as much support as possible. Those most in need are in India’s rural communities and unfortunately, since the start of May, record daily infections and deaths are being reported from rural areas that are home to over 70% of India’s 1.3 billion population.

Most medical facilities are concentrated in the cities, already overcrowded fort hose seeking treatment there are limited or no beds or medicines in state-run hospitals.

In addition, this wave comes on the back of suffering and stress faced by rural communities for more than a year, with families already in deep distress due to lack of livelihoods, reduced income, and insufficient access to food. Hunger is also a continuing disaster for parts of India’s rural population.

Endava is exceptionally proud to help support Oxygen for India, a volunteer-run campaign to deliver lifesaving medical oxygen to those who need it the most, and especially the poor who have little chance of being admitted to a hospital.

More details on the important work #OxygenforIndia are doing can be found here.