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SharePoint – that’s for intranets, right?

SharePoint is vastly popular. And yet there’s a common misconception, much to the chagrin of the Microsoft platform’s advocates, that it’s nothing more than an intranet development tool. Your company wants to share web content and services internally, so you buy SharePoint. Admittedly, this isn’t a bad thing in itself. As it happens, the platform […]

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Robust intranet platforms: the truth most large companies don’t want you to know

It’s sometimes tempting to assume that if anyone knows what makes an effective, well-designed intranet tick, it’s large companies. They have distributed workforces and massive data footprints, so they’re in a good position to understand the importance of digital collaboration, document management and search. Not forgetting, of course, that they have budgets and IT resources […]

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Is your intranet up to scratch?

These days, most organisations, regardless of their size, have their own intranet. The network comes with many benefits, such as improved communication and increased productivity. However, these advantages are only attainable if a company’s intranet is of a good quality. A superior intranet will allow employees and employers alike to share information, set up appointments […]

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