Your intranet has the potential to be the heart and soul of your business. It can be a platform to drive innovation, operations, engagement and continual improvement within your business. So, why do so many intranets simply become a dumping ground for old content, and out of date policies?

It’s easy to disregard the value of the intranet and treat it as a flawed file-sharing platform. Without proper governance and controls this internal tool can become a burden; no longer fit for HR processes, collaboration, communication reporting and content management.

If your intranet is out of date, clunky and/or inefficient then your organisation is missing out on the potential to:

  • Improve and develop products and services
  • Drive process efficiency and run current operational services
  • Engage employees and driving innovation and collaboration
  • Underpin efficiency through effective search of structured (and unstructured) data

In our opinion, an intranet using SharePoint can sufficiently carry the necessary fundamentals your organisation requires. Here are a few intranet fundamentals we reckon any good intranet will have:

Utilisation of Modern SharePoint

Modern SharePoint news allows you to craft and post good-looking content. Using SharePoint’s design principles, our consultants often craft news sites that are accessible, fast, dynamic, and most importantly – useful. Having the ability to target specific groups of people with certain content is a must-have for SharePoint users.

Set up your internal groups of people properly. Then, set them as the audience for any file, including news and pages. (An audience can include Office 365 groups and Azure Active Directory groups.) Audience targeting within SharePoint news sites wasn’t always easy to configure.

Excellent content management

Managing your content properly within an Intranet is really important. An intranet is basically useless unless the right people can see the right content – and at the right time. Using SharePoint, admins can easily aggregate their content and ensure the correct audience sees News when they need to. (Our handy guide here goes into more detail about internal communications)

A common problem we often hear about is that nobody can find anything within their intranet – so they give up trying to use it. Content and document management needn’t be a chore. If you use correct and relevant metadata behind your documents, you’ll find that they’re easily accessible within SharePoint. (This is something we can assist with!)

Read our guide here on document management within SharePoint

Good intranet security

This is a must-have for an efficient intranet. Consistent and secure governance with appropriate permissions throughout the organisation when posting news means awkward situations can be readily avoided. We often work alongside administrators to carefully plan out what’s needed from a good news site. Our best practice workshops are essential for increasing user adoption – and without that, you’ll have a stagnating intranet.

SharePoint’s permissions features are easier to use than ever, and when set up correctly, mean that your content is safe. From who reads it to who authorises the publishing, permissions are essential in order to manage your intranet well.

permissions and document management sharepoint intranet security

Marvellous intranet design

Simply put, an intranet should look good. If it looks confusing, dated, or clunky then people will think that it’s difficult to use – so it gets left to stagnate. A good intranet should look clean and professional; only showing good content. SharePoint is continuously evolving, and recent developments to its web parts now mean our consultants at Business Agility can design and create templates that are consistent with the look and feel of your site. Again, utilising Modern SharePoint can elevate the look and feel of your intranet.

People will want to use a good looking intranet.  We can’t stress enough the importance of good design! It’s something we help our clients with; and your intranet can be as branded or as sleek as you like!

The above are just a few key things we believe make up a good intranet. With sufficient security and governance, your content will start to look after itself. Then, if your intranet looks good, users will want to use it – and you won’t feel the need to enforce it.

The resources area on our website has a whole host of Office 365 and SharePoint guides to assist with all aspects of the platforms.

When it comes to intranets, our consultants are really good at breaking down what your organisation needs to do to benefit from an excellent intranet. Better communication, easier processes and flexible web parts are just a few of the big advantages of a SharePoint intranet. Get in touch today and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your SharePoint journey.