“The intelligent workplace” reimagined with latest Microsoft modernisations

Microsoft’s Office 365 suite gets more and more intelligent and collaborative with each update. The more personalised the experience for its users, the easier it is for them to adopt an increasingly ‘digital workplace’.

Where the term ‘digital workplace’ has been in the ether for a while now, the term ‘intelligent workplace’ is relatively new – and essentially means the same thing as ‘digital workplace’ but bolstered with brainy features such as sophisticated AI.

Products such as Microsoft Teams have come leaps and bounds in recent months – with Teams rumoured to be soon replacing Skype for Business. Teams, part of the highly dynamic Office 365 suite, has a big focus on, well, Teams – how they share information and communicate.

Other world class applications in Microsoft 365—including SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft Stream, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow—enable digital transformation for more than 500,000 customer organizations and 180 million commercial active users.

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The intelligent workplace – via the Intranet

SharePoint home sites have progressed as Microsoft have announced a better integration with employee experience. SharePoint home sites for the intelligent workplace are landing pages that:

  • connect the workplace with revolutionary search functionality
  • engage employees with conversation and compelling video content (powered by intelligent apps in Office 365 – Yammer & Microsoft Stream)
  • encourage individual productivity with personalised content that can be tailored to the employee’s department or role. No more time wasted by scrolling through irrelevant information! (Great for large organisations and niche departments)
  • give the user the ability to easily share news and content that matters to them

Home sites can be as visually customised as you want them to be. If you want your home sites to reflect particular branding, then so be it! (This is something many of our clients ask us to help them with when building intelligent SharePoint Intranets)

sharepoint intranet

SharePoint home sites provide a dynamic, engaging, and personalized employee experience for the organisation. (Source: Microsoft)

What’s the point of an intelligent intranet?

With more users wanting better methods of communication, your workplace’s intranet is more important than ever. More users work from remote locations and various offices; so the way you communicate can be the difference between doing a good job and having a very stressful day at work!

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So, what’s new for the ‘intelligent workplace’?

A SharePoint Intranet does many things, however, with Microsoft’s latest innovations, the SharePoint Intranet now has a potential supercharge on its features.

  • Store your projects in the correct places with the right people viewing them
  • Communicate effectively with Yammer, Teams, Forms and more
  • Customise the site and reflect the priorities of your organisation – with no code needed
  • Add any of the hundreds of third-party applications available in Teams to any SharePoint site.
  • With the new Yammer question and answer feature, you can ask a question and then you or a group admin can mark the best answer—making the knowledge easier to share and reuse in the future.
  • A group can feature intelligent, bot-like responses to frequently asked questions.
  • You can securely record, upload, and share video from the Microsoft Stream mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • You can now create a shared library with a streamlined experience backed by an Office 365 group, allowing you to specify the people you want to share with.
  • OneDrive’s enhanced file hover cards will show you file insights, activity, and lifecycle signals such as DLP policies. And the new save for later feature lets you flag a file that you want to return to at a better time.

sharepoint home sites AI

Yammer question and answer makes it easier for people to find answers across the organisation. (Source: MSFT)

If you’re looking to implement your very own intelligent intranet, get in touch with us for advice. It’s also worth reading our guide on planning a SharePoint Intranet. It provides best practice advice from our expert consultants on the basic principles you need to know when it comes to SharePoint. The more upgrades Microsoft make to their collaborative platform, the more we can welcome the ‘intelligent workplace.’