These 7 things mean you need an intranet refresh

Many organisations we work with only engage with us after something has gone wrong. Typically, we help ‘solve’ the problem by implementing a clever solution on SharePoint; be it workflow, automation, better content management, communications or utilising business data. An intranet is no different, and is usually the hub where all of these things connect.

Your Intranet should be:

  • Driving efficiencies
  • Improving collaboration
  • Enhancing communication
  • Engaging users
  • Removing manual effort
  • Presenting your data with insight and intelligence

To evaluate if your business in realising these lynch-pin areas, we always recommend a general audit/health check on your current intranet.

Here are 7 top reasons why you may need an Intranet refresh:

  • Use of the Intranet is low, users try to avoid going on to it
  • There is poor governance/control around the content within
  • People use it in different ways with varying success
  • People can’t find correct information, and the information they do find is out of date or irrelevant
  • It’s slow compared to the rest of the organisation’s programmes/apps
  • The look and feel is clunky and not on-brand
  • It’s difficult to know who’s responsible for what when publishing/updating/searching for information on things

Because of the above, it can be tempting to start dismissing the Intranet – side-stepping it and coming up with different ways of working. – this is a signal that you’re due a refresh. An Intranet refresh will enable your organisation to:

  • Progress and improve its products and services
  • Engage employees and drive innovation & collaboration
  • Reinforce productivity through effective search of information of all types and formats

Users of Office 365 and SharePoint can benefit from many features and functionalities of the cloud-based platform. Of course, utilising the host of features available is the best way to truly benefit from Microsoft’s cloud offering.

If you have an on-premises environment, click here to download our guide for some handy tips and tricks.

If your intranet resides in a cloud environment, click here to check out our handy intranet guide to give it a refresh.