You can now use Microsoft Stream for live events

Microsoft have recently announced that you can get started creating live events using Microsoft Stream for your organisation. You’ll be able to produce, schedule, and deliver your live events. Company-run seminars, internal updates and more will allow you to connect with your audience in a far better way. It’s one of the many apps within Office 365 – as mentioned in our handy guide (download it here!)

Video source: Microsoft

This tool used to be Microsoft Video, however it’s been redeveloped and now looks much nicer and has significantly more functionality. The app allows you to upload, share and discover videos across your devices—powered by Microsoft Azure Media Services. If you want to communicate your ideas broadly in an effective and easily customisable manner, Stream is great for this. If you’re quite technically-minded, there’s plenty for you to play around with.

How does it work?

Only a Microsoft Stream administrator will be able to create a live event, by default.  Microsoft Stream administrators can also grant or restrict access for other people within the organisation. In the administrator settings, administrators can purposely add  users or groups that you want to give permissions to be able to create live events, or simply switch the toggle to off to allow everyone in your organisation to be able to create live events – outlined in the image below.


Source: Microsoft

I want to create a live event!

Once you have suitable permissions given to you by an administrator, you’re all set to create your live event. All you need to do is go to the ‘create’ menu within the app and go to ‘live event’. During the feed, you’ll have the ability to monitor the number of viewers watching the event live and the feedback that comes in such as number of likes and overall view count. be sure to ‘end event’ once you’ve finished your event. The video will then immediately be available for on-demand view by your audience members. The event video will also be processed for automatic caption and transcript generation as well as people detection if these options were selected.

With plenty of options to customise your video the way you want it, you’ll be able to get the look and feel just right for your ideal audience, with minimal hassle. It’s one of the apps within Office 365 that really allows you to focus on brand awareness and your individual message. Putting audiences first, Microsoft Stream is an ideal platform to host your live event. If you need any further advice, get in touch!