Use SharePoint to have security and control over your data

As a consultancy, we come across lots of problems within organisations surrounding security, governance and establishing best practice. In our downloadable guide, we go through many ‘wishes’ users had regarding SharePoint and Office 365. We use real solutions to address these wishes! You can download the guide here.

Let’s use an example: Patricia works in a large finance team in a large corporate organisation. Every quarter, she needs reports from various departments across the company. A major issue she had is people sharing reports from their department with everyone – not just the finance team. The obvious problem here is the potential for a data breach. Not only this, but if everyone in the organisation stores and shares documents in this way, it won’t matter which platform is used, security will be a recurring problem.


In an ideal world, Patricia would have complete control over all financial reports and they’d only be shared when needed. That way, communication only comes from one source in the company and everyone has one version of the truth. (You can read more SharePoint and Office 365 wishes here)


A disparate method of storing information makes it privy to a leak or for it to get ‘lost’. The ramifications of data leaks are never good news, and prevention methods should always be in place.

Here’s where we helped implement SharePoint for Patricia’s company. Our first questions – What do you need? What don’t you need? Answering basic questions about what you want from the platform is vital. Who gets to approve/sign off? Is there a compliance framework to adhere to? SharePoint is excellent for structured, auditable, permission-based and secure information management. The key to that is a well-established governance plan. With the knowledge of who gets to do what, the configuration of a robust and secure platform was quite straightforward.

Highlights of our fix for Patricia

It’s too easy to rely on out of the box ‘controls’ within SharePoint – but really the value we added was in the proper configuration of the environment and the robust governance against Patricia’s information architecture.

How we can help

At Business Agility we run workshop sessions surrounding requirements gathering to alleviate the burden it can sometimes be. These sessions are incredibly important to ensure a smooth transition to Office 365 and SharePoint. And, it’s what we’re good at!

We’re also experts in training, user adoption and more. If you’d like to have a chat about your requirements or anything SharePoint and Office 365, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Ultimately, if you can be realistic with your wishes, you may find your goals are easier to achieve than you may think. You don’t always have to spend lots of money to have well-run, efficient processes across your whole organisation. When best practice and good governance is applied, your existing systems can improve tenfold without much monetary investment.

Alternatively, if you have budget for a vast improvement to your IT processes, then investing in a SharePoint intranet for example can be a great way to communicate better and be more productive. If it’s training, you need then look no further. We at Business Agility train users on all aspects of SharePoint and Office 365. Our training workshops are tailored to your organisation and we can help you gather your requirements to get the best out of the platforms. If you’d like some more information about SharePoint and/or Office 365, then please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Check out our SharePoint and Office 365 wish list here – and how we can grant wishes within your organisation!