Office 365 and SharePoint are amazing platforms, upon which a great many business solutions can be built. Their wide scope and rich functionality empower organisations to significantly improve
business practices and processes.

With so many different areas of SharePoint to think about, which ones in particular should you be paying attention to when it comes to support? The initial answer is clear: The areas you need the most in your business. Below are a few key areas that need to be addressed with support in mind. You can also find more support solutions in our support guide.

Support for Full Office 365/SharePoint oversight

This is a common scenario that organisations find themselves in. Office 365 and/or SharePoint may have been implemented in the past, with some very specific objectives for the platforms. However, since inception their use has been blurred and governance hasn’t been consistently upheld.

The risks here are evident; users won’t be sure what data resides where, and who has access to it. On a technical level, documents may be in the entirely wrong place and in the wrong format. If they have any automation associated with them (i.e. an expiry date) this may not be activated and workflows may be incomplete.

Support through policies and governance

Governance (policies and rules) should be applied during the planning and implementation stages, and should never be overlooked. If your governance isn’t strong enough, then the risk of issues occurring increases significantly.

The rules governing your system may need to adapt and change too. The GDPR took effect in May 2018, and the impact on businesses all over the UK (and beyond!) have been astronomical. Getting your data and processes compliant with the law will put you in good standing for future maintenance. This maintenance doesn’t have to be challenging – if you can put measures in place and guarantee a solid process is followed then you’re halfway there to having a well-supported system.

Only “Light touch” Support needed

Not all companies need 24/7 Support. Many will know what needs to be achieved, but they’ll simply be over capacity or perhaps a new direction of Support needs to be considered. On a technical level your Support may be adequate – however from a governance point of view you may be lacking.

We have more tips and tricks in our SharePoint Support guide here.