Microsoft Power Apps has been catching the attention of many in-house developers.

Those who have access to Microsoft 365 will also have access to the Microsoft Power Platform. The Power Platform is made up of Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow), Power BI and Power Apps. These three tools within the cloud-based platform enable users to automate their business environments like never before.

Power Apps is designed for developers to customise their business processes. Many organisations have weird and wonderful idiosyncrasies that mean automation is a far off dream.

What can Power Apps offer?

The initial offering of Power Apps can;

  • Enable business users to build the applications they want, when they need it, without writing code
  • Extend the capabilites of traditional apps
  • Connect to 220+ data sources and services (including on-premises data) to build powerful apps that empowers businesses to do more
  • Customise and extend with deep integrations across Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365
  • Provide administrative controls with enterprise-grade security and governance to protect apps and data

As far as a functionality point of view goes, the capabilities aren’t limited. Get started with:

  • A contract management system (we’ve built these for clients!)
  • A policy management system (same here!)
  • A request tool – for things like reports or specific document types from another department
  • Security protocols
  • Business logic implementation
  • Dashboard creation
  • Custom designed auditable forms
  • Create portals

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the corporate landscape for businesses across the globe. With the addition of more users working from home (especially in 2020) this digital transformation has been accelerated. IT teams are under increasing pressure to deliver bespoke solutions to accommodate the surge in digital migration. With Power Apps, developers can get to work right away.

Out of the box solutions are great up to a point. Over time, more bespoke solutions are needed to suit the foibles of a particular department or even the entire organisation. Power Apps can build solutions on top of these out of the box solutions to work where needed.

What are the benefits of automation?

Automation and workflows are very popular demands from business leads. Many see big benefits from improving the way they work through enabling the tools within Microsoft 365. Power Apps can help bring the following benefits to the table;

  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Improving consistency and confidence
  • Improving a service
  • Creating visible, auditable reports
  • Producing reliable Management Information (MI)/ Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Process optimisation

Watch our webinar recording here about building business resilience using automation.

At Business Agility we offer plenty of solutions utilising Microsoft 365’s Power Platform and Power Apps within it. From custom report requests to expense systems and more – get in touch and we’ll happily see where you can make the most of your investment.