Housing Associations

Housing associations provide an invaluable service for the benefit of social housing in the UK. Over 1,500 registered authorities provide homes and support for almost six million people in England. They offer social homes, shared ownership, market homes to rent and buy and essential supported and specialist housing.

Beyond the management of the properties, Housing associations also invest in community services and regeneration; providing support to vulnerable people and reinvestment of property income into delivering against their social purpose.

This important work needs to be underpinned with good people, process and, crucially, technology – all to support the communities being served and make sure they are in a compliant and customer-first environment.

Headaches for Housing Associations can include:

  • Frustrations at outdated, paper-based processes
  • Staying on top of recording information in a compliant, auditable way
  • Manual-heavy processes
  • Disparately held data

Our Experience

We have worked with many housing associations. Pennaf, Thrive Homes and Two Rivers Housing are just some of our recent clients.

Compliance is always at the forefront of all registered providers of social housing, and the above are no different. They partnered with us because we know how to ensure SharePoint and/or Microsoft 365 can be best leveraged as tools for reporting, auditing and management of information and data.

How we are helping Housing Associations

We have implemented a variety of solutions for various headaches among the housing association sector. Our solutions vary from bespoke applications, to an overhaul in good, best practice-led compliance strategies with SharePoint and Office 365. Here are some examples of solutions we’ve delivered for housing associations: