News and opinion | Georgina | 17 May 2022

Right First Time: Meet your Scrum Team

In Right First Time we explore how assuring successful change management is crucial in insurance transformational programmes. Dynamic software applications, allow insurers to transact policies and enable digital platforms more effectively than ever before. However, implementation is not merely a…

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Insurance Solutions | Georgina |

Right First Time: Why are project plans important on large programmes?

Project plans are vital for project managers and project teams alike. Here, we explore the top five most important reasons for…

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IT Development | Georgina | 6 May 2022

Right First Time: What is Agile?

When brought together, the Agile philosophies, practices, and frameworks dovetail together to allow teams of people to deliver successful software…

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Data and Analytics | Georgina | 20 April 2022

Right First Time: Measuring Velocity

Velocity is a key metric in insurance transformational programmes. Velocity is the amount of work completed in a Sprint by a team, workstream, or the entire…

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