Introducing Microsoft Stream, secure video streaming within Office 365

Microsoft Stream is a new addition to Office 365, offering a next level approach to video with intelligence layered into it. This enterprise video service is very much like an enhanced version of Office 365 Video, and it builds on that app and pushes the envelope.

Microsoft Stream provides a common destination for video management, with built-in intelligence features, deep integration across Office 365 and the IT management and security capabilities that businesses of all sizes require. It is available as a standalone application, or as part of Office 365 commercial plans.

Features of Microsoft Stream

Intuitive, user-focused design:

  • Ease of uploading, sharing and managing videos
  • User personalised home page
  • Trending videos, recommended content
  • Accessible content, regardless of device

microsoft stream


  • Cognitive capabilities; audio in videos is searchable (good for when there is no or little metadata attached!)
  • Faces are noted and appear within a timeline below the video
  • Transcribed audio is searchable text
  • Face detection shows where each person in the video is shown
  • Adding time codes in the comments section, text transcripts or table of contents, allows users to quickly get to a specific point in the video.

microsoft stream2


  • Users can manage video permissions and make them available to selected groups
  • Teams can organise content into channels within groups, offering flexibility
  • Each group has their own personalised page


  • Video integration into everyday applications
  • add videos and channels to collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Yammer

Management & Security

  • Built-in encryption and authenticated access
  • Features use existing organisational identity through Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Groups make
  • administrators can add custom guidelines

We’ve evaluated it, and it’s something we think will make a huge difference to organisation that have or have adopted a lot of video content.

Feel free to ask us more about it!