Yesterday, at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Microsoft announced Office 2019—the next big update for Office. With this update comes SharePoint 2019, which is expected to be a game changer for businesses and individuals alike.

Microsoft’s digital transformation continues as the changes to SharePoint 2019 are announced (growth in active users was 90% in the last year alone). Changes such as unified and more secure sharing experiences across Office 365 will change the landscape for those who aren’t completely sold on working so much in the cloud.

Personalised search will also be included. Now, when you click the search bar, you instantly see your most recent and relevant data before you even start to type a single character. Folders will also show up in your results, which will hopefully cure lots of headaches!

The ability to launch Teams directly from SharePoint is also happening. It doesn’t sound much, but it’s an interesting development considering how much work is being put into Teams. In fact, it’s going to be replacing Skype for Business. Read about that here.

Further development with Teams includes the ability to preview all 270+ file types in Teams. You can now add SharePoint pages easier, including your team site’s homepage, as tabs in Microsoft Teams.

John Votaw, a Principal Consultant at Business Agility, said: “Microsoft is releasing a lot of exciting technology at the moment. SharePoint 2019 is in a good place to absorb a number of these changes to bring us a dynamic new release.”

Governance and compliance?

Governance and compliance is, as always being taken into account too. There’s going to be a new SharePoint Admin Center. It’s similar to the Office 365 admin center, and has graphs to show you your usage data. Additionally, it has messages that tell you which features have been added and removed from your specific tenant. Service-level encryption will be included and with the new OneDrive restore capability. Users will be able to get their data back all by themselves, reducing the risk of data loss.

Dave Nixon, a Microsoft Practice Manager at Business Agility said: “SharePoint 2019 is on-premises software only. Microsoft are showing their commitment to on-prem software, which is really interesting (and good news for many companies). We don’t know when on-prem support will cease, so watch this space.”

There’s a lot more included in this announcement and we’re really excited to hear what this entails for both individuals and businesses. We’ll keep you updated as we know more. For now, this is both interesting and exciting stuff!