Organise your intranet using Office 365 and these tips

The intranet is the centre of an organised company. Without proper methods of managing it however, it can fall apart. Online (cloud-based) intranets can be a fantastic choice for many organisations. Our short post here explores a common scenario wherein a company is in intranet Hell – nobody can find anything and everything is so confusing!

The Intranet in company X needs a make-over. It went through a merger over a year ago, yet so much data is in different places. Departments seem to have differing processes, content: policies, reports, project documents are not stored properly, or maintained. The way interdepartmental communication is run is tricky – the Intranet is failing in comms and in content. You can check out our guide on cloud-based intranets here.

The main issues here:

  • The restructure of the company won’t work out from a communications point of view if the infrastructure for multi-departmental communication isn’t setup correctly.
  • Old branding is confusing and irrelevant (especially for new employees)
  • News won’t be displayed to the right users without a correct setup – even if it does, it won’t look good, so won’t get read.
  • Information isn’t being maintained, which means the Intranet is polluted with outdated content!

What we recommend (in a SharePoint Online/Office 365 environment)

SharePoint Online / Office 365 has a whole host of applications that can be utilised depending on the way its users wish to communicate with one another. With poor communication being the crux of this company’s problems, an Intranet refresh within SharePoint Online can certainly help and get this company the organised intranet of their dreams. Have a look at our expert guide here!

Segregate your (now) organised intranet with content sites

This company may need to really define the areas in their Intranet to allow users to make sense of it. With everything just ‘chucked’ in, nothing stands out. We manage interdepartmental Intranet sites quite often, and one of the ways we enable users to differentiate between content is by having well-designed content sites underpinned with logical information architecture.

Easy access for users to communicate on the go

The benefit of SharePoint Online is that you can easily make your Intranet mobile. If your workforce is spread across multiple locations (i.e. some work from home) then SharePoint Online can be the perfect intranet for those on the go. The way departments speak to each other can be difficult if the tools don’t allow the flow of communication that you need. Office 365 has fantastic messaging apps such as Teams to allow interdepartmental communication. Teams hooks up seamlessly to SharePoint too, so all of your information is kept in the right place.

Craft good looking news people want to read with Modern SharePoint

Governance and control over not only what the content talks about but how it looks is also essential to how a good news site is constructed. If the news piece doesn’t look professional or suitable for the tone of the piece, then the readers will disregard it. Part of having an organised intranet is ensuring it looks organised to read!

Keeping up to date

SharePoint is continuously evolving, and developments to its web parts now mean our consultants at Business Agility can design and create templates that are consistent with the look and feel of your site. We also deliver different levels of news sites, with workflows that make sure content in ‘child’ areas is distributed in a controlled way to a wider audience.

Why not check out our guide here – is your online intranet a graveyard?