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Right First Time: Coding Standards

IT Development | Georgina | 28 January 2022

In Right First Time we explore how assuring successful change management is crucial in insurance transformational programmes. Dynamic software applications allow insurers to transact policies and enable digital platforms more effectively than ever before. However, implementation is not merely a matter of getting it done, but in getting it done right the first time, every time.

Coding Standards

Software configuration and customisation are dependent upon the quality of the code produced by developers. The code must be effective and robust. This is especially true in insurance transformational programmes where some coverages fulfil statutory obligations, such as legal liabilities in motor insurance.

A high standard of coding is ensured through a range of programme elements, which when totalled, provide a firm foundation for coding and testing.

Wiki & Best Practice

A central location for all coding principles and standard programme coding practices provides easy access to information, helping to ensure uniformity of approach. The Wiki details facts and knowledge, while Best Practice documentation describes approaches and philosophies. The Wiki and Best Practice information must be maintained, and its use actively promoted.

Vendor’s Guidelines & Toolkits

Especially important in configuration, the software vendor will have guidelines on the use and coding of the software product. The vendor will often provide tools, such as development studios, which the developer and tester may use in their day-to-day work. Use of genuine vendor tools should be encouraged, where these tools have been specifically designed to work with the vendor’s software products.


Peer and Lead Developer reviews are essential in examining code prior to submission. A healthy culture of Peer and Lead Developer reviews should be encouraged to nurture an environment of mutual betterment.

Assurance Reviews

When pull requests are made, the Assurance Review is a crucial review of the code, to ensure that the code is of the highest quality, the solution applied is suitable, Best Practice has been followed, and vendor’s guidelines are followed. The Assurance Reviews are conducted by expert Solution Assurance Consultants who act as the final arbiter in the review process.

Solution Assurance and coding standards

Solution Assurance is a vital third-party service that assists customers to install and develop effective enterprise insurance software solutions.

Without the thorough application of coding standards, the quality of the software implementation will suffer. Solution Assurance is pivotal in not only the maintenance of coding standards, in the operation of reviews, but also in advising upon the structure of coding practice methodologies.