The conversation about the ‘cloud’ has progressed so significantly that many organisations aren’t saying “what is the cloud and why should I care?” the conversation is more around”when will we move to the cloud?”.

Even though the level of knowledge is building, we thought we’d put the below together to help with any potential business cases.

1. Reduce risk of IT environment

Utilising the cloud removes the risk of business disruption to your systems

2. Why continue to spend a fortune on hardware?

No more costs for 64-bit kit – get rid of those expensive servers

3. Why spend on upgrades?

With Office 365, there are no fees for upgrades – all updates are automatically carried out by Microsoft, saving you time and money

4. Mobile access

Office 365 is incredibly flexible ‘out of the box’. So you can access it on your iPad, iPhone, Windows phone. You can install and work on your device the same as your PC. It’s all synced, so you can pick up where left off on any device.

5. More software than you can shake a stick at

SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive, Delve – so many platforms are available and all are geared up to make your business more efficient

6. No VPN required

Everything is securely accessed through a browser – you can connect from anywhere

7. Enhanced security measures and functionality

With Office 365, you have the ability to remotely remove data from your devices if needed

8. World-class syncing

E-mail, calendar, contacts all work together – if you update a contact on one device, it will update across all your synced devices automatically

9. Recurring, forecastable and manageable monthly cost

There’s no upfront cost and as your business grows you can increase the number of users. If your business decreases, you can decrease the number of users

10. Huge storage

Mailbox storage comes at a standard of 50GB, which should theoretically be more than enough for every e-mail you ever received.