Leading insurers are transforming their core offerings to completely reimagine their role in the insurance landscape. These successful transformations result in greater revenue opportunities, better customer relationships and improved brand relevance. However, for an insurer to embark on a transformation programme, it must first have a vision of what it wants to achieve.  

This vision needs buy-in and investment from all involved parties; they must understand it and agree to it.  

A transformative programme will hinge on the right tools and, crucially, the right partnerships. A long and potentially challenging journey will be undertaken. Experienced partners are needed, partners that embody the fundamental principle of Agile: One Team. Ensuring that collaboration and a proper understanding of the vision and business benefits is at the heart of everything. 

Endava can help you unlock the inherent value along your transformation journey — whether it is business, target operating model, operational processes, or tools and technology. Together, we can provide better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution, to benefits realisation. 

Professionalism, collaboration, quality, transparency, and integrity underpin our ethos and culture.  

We work with senior leadership to set the programme direction, helping you cement your future state and realise your vision.  

We will guide you through the programme journey, ensuring governance and operational models are robust and that your investment in technology and people is being maximised.   

Our approach to transformation will help you drive increased value from within your programme. Our team works closely with you (as One Team) to deliver and support new additions to your IT ecosystem. Typically, this ‘bigger picture’ view gives impactful cost reduction, design, governance, and performance benchmarking.  

We set your programme for success – to make sure you’re getting it right first time. This approach is felt in all areas of the programme:  

  • Core technical delivery 
  • Agile management 
  • Business relations 
  • Governance 
  • Programme readiness 
  • Change management  

One of the biggest challenges facing insurance leaders is improving business agility and time-to-market. Overcoming this starts with the vision – with the bigger picture.  

Our clients are our partners. We want you to succeed and be self-sufficient, which is why structured knowledge transfer is ‘baked-in’ to our programme delivery – empowering you with Agile training and an understanding of all critical success factors. With a sense of urgency, our team rolls up its shirt sleeves and gets to work immediately.  

“With today’s ratios under more pressure than ever before, Endava is perfectly positioned as one of the UK’s oldest and most experienced digital transformation experts, delivering innovative, powerful and award-winning solutions. Digital innovation, self-service solutions, telematics, real-time pricing feedback loops, integration with AI-powered solutions for injury claims in MOJ and OIC portals are just a few of many examples where clients can capitalise on our class-leading experience.” 

Roy Murphy, CEO, Endava