User adoption: Get your people to love SharePoint

Designing the right solution for your organisation can be only half the battle, as there may be many unforeseen caveats that only come to light after delivery. The biggest consideration often left by the wayside is end-user adoption – making sure that users will actually use your brand spanking new SharePoint solution. It can be challenging getting users to change their current working processes and adopt into an entirely new system.

If it affects their jobs directly, users can get anxious about how their job will be changed in the long term (or maybe they’ll feel as if they’ll be replaced by the new system). Change can be difficult to adjust to; and SharePoint is no different. Because of this, those of you who have SharePoint may have not used it regularly or properly due to poor adoption take up. When a huge platform such as SharePoint gets hoisted upon users who may not see the value in it, it’s unlikely to get adopted. Here are some quick wins to getting users’ buy in:

Identify and empower ‘champions’

When implementing a new system, it’s important to get the right people involved in the process – but also encourage people to want to get involved. Before you start planning what you want out of SharePoint, gather a team of people who can help you test out new processes. This will help hugely with the preparation process, and during the implementation too. It’s not just about making people feel involved and not left out; it’s important to gather useful feedback along the way and be in a position where, if necessary, you can change your course of action as needed.

Regularly update ‘user-friendly’ content

Users are far more likely to interact with content when it’s up to date and relevant. If you have an Intranet (SharePoint or otherwise!) and it’s not regularly updated with useful information, users are going to quickly discount it and ignore the platform completely. If you have SharePoint already, a good start is to begin updating information – this may spark a chain of people engaging with the information and piquing their interest in the platform overall. If you find updating your information is working particularly well in one area of the business – try and showcase that success elsewhere in the company.

Train Users with transparency

This isn’t necessarily a “quick” win perse, however it’s essential to getting buy-in from prospective users. Training the right people (and training them well) should mean the platform will be used correctly. If you’re currently training users on best practice for the SharePoint platform, be as transparent as possible. Once people can see the real reason for using certain processes, they’re far more likely to understand and adopt. Also make sure the training you provide to users is in-person/ interactive – DON’T rely on the written word (not everyone will read it fully/understand it!)

Quick wins for SharePoint Intranet user adoption

• Small things like keeping your employee directory up to date
• Present data to users in a familiar environment (i.e. if they’re used to working in spreadsheets, then use spreadsheets in your Intranet library!)
• Include features like a mini auction site where employees can sell their wares (One of our clients had a ‘thought of the day’ on their Intranet – and even though it was a small change, people complained when they considered removing it!)

You can view more about user adoption and Intranets here.

These are just a few quick wins that can help you with user adoption when it comes to SharePoint. User adoption can also be achieved when the rest of the platform works smoothly too. Our guide, ‘Quick wins in SharePoint’ addresses how you can run reports, implement the platform, enhance automation and more. Download our guide here and unlock the benefits of SharePoint!